Ad hoc

Here you find the ad hoc announcements of Vapiano SE according to Article 17MAR.

Date Title
27/08/2020 VAPIANO SE: The Creditors' assembly decides to close down the remaining enterprise of Vapiano SE with the aim of liquidating and dissolving Vapiano SE
30/07/2020 VAPIANO SE: Appointment of new supervisory board members by the District Court of Cologne
29/06/2020 VAPIANO SE: Appointment of Oliver Meier as member of the Management Board
08/06/2020 Vapiano SE: Application to change from Prime Standard to General Standard
02/06/2020 Vapiano SE sells the major part of its business to investor group
19/05/2020 VAPIANO SE: Consent of the creditors' committee to an irrevocable offer to acquire Vapiano's subsidiaries in France and Luxembourg
30/04/2020 VAPIANO SE: Commencement of sales process on Vapiano group business; advanced separate sales process for Vapiano subgroup France
23/04/2020 Vapiano SE: Extension of the appointment of Vanessa Hall as CEO, resignation of Johann Stohner as CTO
01/04/2020 VAPIANO SE: Application for opening of insolvency proceeding
20/03/2020 Vapiano SE: Occurrence of cash flow insolvency ('Zahlungsunfähigkeit'), further drastic decline in sales and earnings due to COVID-19 crisis
16/03/2020 VAPIANO SE: Substantial decrease in net sales and results due to COVID-19 crisis, additional temporary liquidity needs, expected loss of half of the share capital
18/08/2019 VAPIANO SE: CEO Cornelius Everke resigning from office
16/08/2019 VAPIANO SE: Termination of exclusivity with Plutos Sama for sale of US business
28/06/2019 Vapiano SE: Appointment of Johann Stohner to the Management Board as Chief Transformation Officer
17/06/2019 Vapiano SE publishes forecast for the fiscal year 2019
23/05/2019 Vapiano SE: Publication of 2018 annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements postponed to mid-June, refinancing negotiations successfully concluded
30/04/2019 VAPIANO SE: Refinancing negotiations for the restructuring and implementing the new strategic accentuation are coming to a conclusion
15/02/2019 Vapiano SE underperforms forecast for 2018 and makes unscheduled write-downs with earnings effect
03/01/2019 Vapiano SE signs agreement to sell Vapiano Holding USA LLC. to Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc.
02/01/2019 Change in the Supervisory Board of Vapiano SE
30/11/2018 VAPIANO SE: Cornelius Everke has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer
27/11/2018 Vapiano adjusts outlook for 2018 financial year
23/10/2018 Vapiano SE completes capital increase
23/10/2018 Vapiano SE decides on cash capital increase of EUR 2,033,418.00
04/09/2018 Vapiano adjusts outlook for the 2018 financial year
20/03/2018 VAPIANO expands Management Board team: Cornelius Everke appointed COO as of May 1
30/09/2017 Change in Vapiano SE Executive Board
27/07/2017 Greenshoe Option Exercised in Vapiano IPO
26/06/2017 VAPIANO SE sets final offer price at EUR 23 per share
25/06/2017 VAPIANO SE determines number of shares for capital increase